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01 Dear Brother,

Little caveat here: I have been meaning to write this for sometime, and I intend to make it a series. I pray this finds you well. It has come to my attention that you are under much scrutiny of late. In an effort to share in that which you now bear I am writing toContinue reading “01 Dear Brother,”

See What Love

Hello from Scotland! I am finally sitting down to write another something here, I pray that it is stimulating spiritually for you and informative on how life goes over this way. Thanks for reading! I have recently been up in arms with the notion of my sonship. Think about this with me for a moment.Continue reading “See What Love”

You Make My Dreams

I’m a big fan of what some at this point would consider older music. This includes but isn’t exclusive to Rush, Rachmaninov, & Molly Hatchet. Sorry, I couldn’t get a good alliteration in there. I think that there is a lot to be said for some of the compositions of yore with their melodies andContinue reading “You Make My Dreams”


visiting (1): invited to join or attend an institution (such as a university) for a limited time | (2): playing on an opponent’s grounds I am currently visiting home and that comes with a slew of new things. On one hand I should know everything around me right? I grew up here. On the otherContinue reading “Visiting”

What is Peace?

As a disclaimer at the beginning here, I have no intention of totally answering this question. The question is more of a prompt for exploration purposes. I’ve been given a good deal to discern recently and it is difficult to find the peace that surpasses all understanding in the confusion. Simply, where is Christ inContinue reading “What is Peace?”

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